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Thomas Strong

Nottingham Evening Post 27 February 1950

Thomas Strong

Thomas Strong was a powerfully built, dark featured man, with long, ringleted black hair, who earned his living as a remover of machinery.
In his younger days, Strong was always in demand at circuses when they visited the town, to throw the hammers and weights.
Once, when engaged at a circus in Sneinton Market, he had to hang by his teeth to a tight rope. He gripped the rope by his jaws.
“Are you all right, Tommy?” asked the showman, before removing the support.
His local prodigy, instead of waving his hand, said, “yes” – and was thrown to the ground, much to the amusement of the audience.
*Walter Farmer, an amateur artist produced an oil painting of Thomas Strong. This painting was in the possession of Mr. Streets, of 151, Windmill-lane Nottingham.

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