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The Nottingham Unemployed

Nottingham Evening Post February 10 1886

‘The Nottingham Unemployed

A largely attended meeting of the unemployed of Nottingham was held on Tuesday evening in Sneinton Market. Several persons addressed the crowd, and at times the language indulged in by the “orators” assumed a very threatening nature. For instance, it was asserted by one individual that if they found themselves in *John-street it would be for a good cause, and this same young man also stated that if he were starving and wanted bread, he should get it at the first bakers shop he came to. The action of the Town Council and the Board of Guardians with regard to the establishment of relief works was criticised, while the recent rioting in London was referred to, and opinion expressed that if the present state of things went on, there would be something like a French Revolution.’
*A reference to the poor-house
Source: The British Newspaper Archive

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