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The Nottingham Unemployed


Nottingham Evening Post February 10 1886 ‘The Nottingham Unemployed A largely attended meeting of the unemployed of Nottingham was held on Tuesday evening in Sneinton Market. Several persons addressed the crowd, and at times the language indulged in by the “orators” assumed a very threatening nature. For instance, it was asserted by one individual that if they found themselves in ...

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Thomas Strong

Nottingham Evening Post 27 February 1950 Thomas Strong Thomas Strong was a powerfully built, dark featured man, with long, ringleted black hair, who earned his living as a remover of machinery. In his younger days, Strong was always in demand at circuses when they visited the town, to throw the hammers and weights. Once, when engaged at a circus in ...

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Bendy’s Coming


Nottingham Guardian 28 Feb 1873 …Our reporter, stationing himself in Sneinton Market on Sunday morning, suddenly heard a cry of “Bendy’s coming”. Instantly a crowd of persons who had been listening to a youth on the Republican platform reading extracts from the Guardian, ran in the direction of where the singing came from.

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