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Peter Buttery, Roger Williams & Steve Pollock, part 1 – Working on the Wholesale Market, the Wholesale Market moving out of Sneinton, haggling, theft, Sneinton’s pubs, characters on the market, the market’s atmosphere


Peter Buttery, Roger Williams & Steve Pollock, part 2 – The 1963 murder at the Fox and Grapes 


Stephen Lowe – Part 1,  Cries from a Watchtower, the bookstall 


Stephen Lowe – Part 2, Victoria Baths


C. Bentley – Growing up in Sneinton, schools in Sneinton, racial prejudice, the tuffy stall,  Sneinton’s pubs, the retail market through the years


Maureen Francis – The pot stall, the clothing stall, the present day market


Linda and Kenneth Mattock – Selling fish


Michelle Hubbard – The clothing stall


Nigel Lymn Rose and George Rose – Lymns funeral parlour


Mike Barnes  – Working on the retail market, how the retail market changed over time


Sylvia Pegg – The barrows, the pot man, Sneinton’s pubs


Steve Coxon – The barrows, Lymns funeral parlour


Peter Hammond – Clay Pipes, the early history of the market


Jean Lam – Haggling on the market, the market in the present day


Grenville Chamberlain – The early history of Sneinton Market


Isabelle Drew  – The fabric stall 


George Smith – Stalls on the retail market


Diane Finch – The retail market, the oval pool


Dennis Webber – Fruit and veg


Charlie Wesson – Sneinton schools, the washhouse


Catherine Ross – Shopping on the retail market, working in Donna’s caff


Brian Cohen –Fruit and veg


Brenda & Malcolm Taylor-Stokes – C.W. Tooley, the Pretty Windows, Doll’s Caff, Thelma’s Caff, stolen goods on the market


Ashad Malik – Working on the retail market


Pauline Smith – The shoe stall


Gisella Sobarasua – Shoe stall, junk shops


Mary Kate Brinklow – The Jewish bath at Victoria Baths, Victoria Wash House, Jacky Pownall’s


Dennis Stanniforth – Wrestling, Sneinton’s Pubs, Blue Buttons, Gilberts, Morleys


Margaret – Selling lingerie and rain hats on the Retail Market



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