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About Us

Almost everyone in Nottingham over the age of thirty has a story or a memory about Sneinton Market. The more we search, the more we find – we want you to add yours. Do you come from a trading family? Did your mum bring you down to the market when you were little? Like so many kids, it might have been your first job. Maybe you are a young person now and enjoy the fountains and making friends on the new square … LET US KNOW!!!

The Wholesale Market was moved to Meadow Lane in 1989. Sneinton Community Traders have managed the open market since 2006 to prevent its demise.

Since that time a lot of changes have taken place. The market dwindled but the old clock tower was saved, together with Victoria Baths. A much larger new square was laid down in 2011 with beautiful fountains. It is sometimes a hard place to fill.


The old buildings are being restored as part of the “Creative Quarter” and will bring new footfall to the area.

The open market continues and is growing slowly as the community gives its support. Frequent events take place, with something for everyone.


We now have been granted funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to collect stories, and showcase them for all to see. In addition to this website, there will be heritage events, a book and film festival in 2016.


There will be many links to Youtube and Vimeo for visual and audio files. If you have an audio or video file that you think fits within this site then let us know …



Yes … a lot of pictures past and present. New images will be put on site as they come to us. Have you an image that we can show?